Sadona / Making new friends

The hardest part about making new friends is meeting them for the second time. It is deciding what to do next. It is deciding who you will be to each other after a couple of weeks or just before you meet.

Sometimes.. most times, I wonder if it should be possible to meet someone new. Could you know someone if you are yet to have a self? What do you do when you are asked a question that seeks a description of your personhood?  Continue reading

Hello February ’16

The second month of 2016 is here.. I wonder how far people have gone with their new year’s resolutions. I’m still on track with mine as well as I can tell.

I wonder what my first post for February would be. I wrote throughout of January but hardly posted most of my writings. One reason for that is my recent writings are in a way being written specially for my book. I will put up some of them as soon as possible. I Am also trying my mind on some story writing. They’ll mostly be some type of poem any way. But they’ll tell a story.. That’s what is important.

My brother’s birthday is coming up in a bit, excited for that!

New posts on Timesiamme will be coming up during the week. Take care.