Tropisms / Maybe, maybe, it doesn’t matter

It is late at night. It is cold outside. K has nowhere to go. L has nowhere to be. Maybe we wait for the end of days.

K: Maybe, maybe no one cares about you. Maybe no one cares about you.

L: maybe you’re a liar, maybe you are right.

K: maybe, maybe that.. it, you… you know, it doesn’t matter.

L: you know it doesn’t matter.. I cannot care what you think

K: you.. you can tell yourself what you.. you think… It doesn’t matter..

L: It doesn’t matter…

K: …what, what you think

L: … what you say..

K: it, it doesn’t matter

L: it doesn’t matter.

K: … no one ever cares.

L: I must go to bed now.

K: Will I see you tomorrow?


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