Sadona / Gratify me

Like me

Instant gratification is what I seek. It is what I disdain

If you would like my picture, save me the pain

From overthinking

Or the hate.


This picture here,

It’s about the effort, of trying too hard

Of reaching too far, towards nowhere

But it is bleak. Like life is bleak.

Sunshine of your love

And this is the sunshine of my love

That is bleak too; like love too is bleak;

Leads you nowhere

The teacher’s coat hung on a chair

The chair stacked on a chair, sat by a table:

a group of complex things.

Across the sea, my table.

Of dying simple things.

Did the sun ever come? Where to does the sun run?

Aim of a star

Now here comes the light

The window, cast with blinds

peaks yet the light—Are you here invited?

Behind this door, a star seeks way

Behind this door

Your place to stay.

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