Tropisms / K runs into S

On her way back from dance practice, K. comes across a recently made friend, S.

“Hi, what have you been up to?” S. inquires of K. as soon as they are within speaking distance.

“Not much,” replies K. “Just coming from dance practice.”

S drops his jaw in disbelief. He stares at K with questions in his eyes and reaches to calm his now breaking heart. “You never told me you danced!”

“I know! I never got the chance.” says K.

“My apologies. I should have asked more about you.” S is silent for a moment. He soon adds, “ So, what kind of dance do you, uh, practice?’

“Sorry, what?” K takes a quick step back.

“What kind of dance do you practice?” S repeats his question.

K begins to tremble. She looks to her left and then to her right and then back to S. “What kinds of dances are there?” she asks.

S will not give up this question now. “Well, a couple, I believe!”

K is lost in thought for a minute. And then, “Interesting,” she says. “Farewell then, Mister. I will not answer your question.”

K turns and continues on her way.

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