It’s May and I’m back

Let me tell you a short story about myself.

Once upon a time that is now, there is me, and I tell people that I get lazy some times when I don’t, and it is uninspired that I am every time I try to act. 

And my head is full with ideas and my mind is sick from carrying them. “Let them spill!” I tell myself.. “Let people see what you keep behind your eyes”.. But I can’t. I might be scared of myself for myself, and I worry how myself would be seen by me and them else.

And my head is full with ideas and my hand is sick from typing them, and writing them, and knowing that they might never be put by the eye of the true public, I am tired of my hiding.

Once upon a time that is now, there is me, who has no life but living still. Every time I close my eyes the banked thoughts boil inside, and other times happen thus; in my wake, my walk, and my slumb.

I started this post to talk about my plans for May and I have done something else so far… But it’s a new month.. Kinda, and I’m about to bring back posting on this site. Turns out everything I do here has some kind of promise in it, so I’m stopping the promises (not a promise).

Oh and I didn’t end my story..

Continuously upon this time, birds do fly, and in this same times, I am alive. My name is great, and I will be the same. But as I sing praises to myself, I remind me that behind these hands, behind my eyes, behind my thoughts, and behind the door to mind, there are the things that I have to share. And as I do, my praises will sing true.

Welcome to May?

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