The last of 2015

It’s almost here!

The new year is close and I thought I should put something up here sometime before the end of the year 2015 and give updates on my upcoming posts here and on Timme.

First off, I have a writing.. I’m not sure what to call it really, I think of it as a contemplative poem even as I know it really is not. This will be my first post of 2016 Continue reading

My winters

Ever since I moved past 35 degrees north of the equator I’ve had quite a range of winter types and several special experiences.

My first winter, in 2013 was apparently my first experience with the psycho cold. I took the bus to school and waiting outside was never a pleasure but thanks to warm clothing I survived just well. Continue reading

The Kickstarter

This is my first post!

I figured the sooner I start, the quicker things would start to fall together

My plan was to start two blogs, dedicate one to poetry and the other to other writings. Turns out planning things out takes a lot of planning! I have wasted too much time trying to put things together and create a theme I have little idea what it should be centered on. So here’s my move; Continue reading